Avatar: The Untold Legend

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Earth Rumble II‘s final match takes place in Gaoling, with the combatants being Badger, a short, mysterious earthbender and Ling, the pupil of Earth Rumble I’s champion, Drogo. The fight(which is spectated by The Avatar) ends as Badger throws Ling out of the ring when he becomes distracted by the appearance of a man in a black robe right next to the referee.

Before Badger can have any time to celebrate the victory, the man challanges the Avatar, starts filling the arena with redirected groundwater and opens up the arena’s ceiling, letting lionvultures above the arena enter. As the Avatar tries to hold off the waters, three benders start fighting with the lionvultures who are now attacking random citizens. The benders, joined with Badger and Drogo, succesfully fend off the lionvultures, who abduct four people(including Ling) while fleeing. Avatar Kyoshi enters the Avatar State and lifts the entire arena to ground level, and then kills the black-robed challanger. The group decides to chase the lionvultures, after finding that many aristocrats’ children have gone missing during the match, including Lina, Beifong family’s only daughter; and that the families will be happy to reward those who find their children.

After chasing the lionvultures, the group finds the camp of three lionvulture tamers near Omashu, and quickly subdue the tamers. All missing children and Ling are found in the camp except Lina, but Badger nevertheless offers returning the children to their families to claim the rewards, and returns to Gaoling with Kaito. Meanwhile, the others find that the tamers were given orders to release the vultures towards the arena by another man in a black robe, and that they are to give a report sealed with lionturtle seal(given beforehand by the same man in a black robe) in Omashu at noon to someone “who will be apparent at that time”.

Back in Gaoling, Badger returns the children to their families and reveals to Kaito that she is actually Lina Beifong, and that she wants to run away from her home and travel with the others. She asks Kaito to help her write a letter to her family, and later goes to her residence and returns with priceless jewelry and a hefty sum of gold, saying that her family allowed her to leave and gave the money and the jewelry as a sign of their gratitude. The two then return to the camp, and Badger reveals her true identity. The group nevertheless accepts her and the others also reveal their names: Lian and Kuzo. Drogo tells his plan to disguise themselves as the tamers to learn who is behind this plan.

Lian, Kaito and Kuzo disguise themselves as the lionvulture tamers and Badger and Drogo decide to watch them from a safe distance. As the group enter the city, they come across an eccentric young man named Bumi who offers them a tour of the city, but they refuse. Then, they see the posting system and mistake it for transportation, and try to ride one of the carts. Before an earthbender can stop them, their cart starts moving and while inside the system, they come across Bumi, who says that they have already found the most fun thing to do in the city. Thanks to their fast trip, the group arrives at the meeting point, a square with an old tree at its center, at noon, and find a man wearing another black robe, who rewards them with a firebending scroll after they give him the report. But the man suspects something’s wrong due to Kaito’s skin colour, and attacks the group with three chi-blockers. The chi blockers are taken down easily, but the man starts sending huge chunks of rock at the group, injuring some of them heavily. In a moment of anger, Kuzo starts attacking at the man fiercely. Although he deflects some of the blasts, he fails to stop one of them, who explodes at his face, burning right side of his face completely. Realizing that he has underestimated them, the man starts running away, but Kuzo, with the aid of an airblast by Lian, manages to catch up with him with a long jump, attacking him again with three fire blasts. His first strangely disperses when it touches the man’s skin, yet the others hit him and cause him to faint.

As the group binds the man, Bumi appears again, and reveals himself to be The King of Omashu, and offers the group to keep the robed man locked in a metal prison beneath the palace. The group gladly accepts, and Bumi holds a feast in their honor.

During the feast, Bumi asks the group if they could help him stop the spread of a strange crystal in the tunnels beneath the palace. The group promises to help him after they question the robed man.

As they descend to the prison, they hear the robed man(whose name is apparently Liu Xiang), calling them to sit and “have a friendly talk as six benders”, and promising to answer any question they ask. Badger asks his ability to disperse the fire blast that should have hit him, and he answers that he has a unique talent: the ability to not just bend an element, but energy, which is the basis of all the elements. He then adds that what he did was merely transforming the fire blast into pure energy, but that a conversion in reverse was not in his capabilities. He then assures them that he’s telling the truth, and that the information can be found Wan Shi Tong’s library. They later ask him his goal, to which he simply responds “You should be able to guess by now”. Before he tells them angrily to leave, he makes three prophecies: He says that Chin Village will rebel against the Earth King, that the Fire Lord will die due to natural causes in a month, causing a fight for the throne between his sons, and that the Southern and Northern Water Tribes’ will relation will be severed enormously. The group angrily leaves, mocking his defeat against them and follows Bumi to solve the crystal problem.

Possible effects of the crystal.

Soon after arriving at the area where the crystal spreads, Badger realizes that the crystal is affected by earthbending, and gets a feeling that it might be edible. Bumi tries to test the idea on their prisoner, and takes a small chunk of crystal, who already starts growing before he even leaves the tunnel. Soon afterwards, the group hears rumbles from the prison and run to see what has happened. They find Bumi, encased in crystal, in the very cell Liu was supposed to be. Bumi happily exlaims that the crystals are, in fact, edible. With sudden inspiration, Lian names the crystal Jennamite.

After getting out of the crystal, Bumi thanks the group and bends them a small earth piece with a writing to indicate that they are Omashu’s trusted allies. Then, he advises them to visit Xio Gan-Lan’s general story to buy whatever they need, which they do(except for Kuzo, who remains in the court of the palace to practice the firebending scroll that Liu gave). Towards the end of their shopping, Kuzo hurts Eppek, Lian’s flying bison with his fire whip, causing it to fly in fear and destroy much of his store, except for his cabbage stand.1

The group then leaves Omashu for Chin Village to stop Liu’s prophecy, and take a break at night from flying. Badger soon realizes that the place where they camp is infested with ants, some of them incredibly huge, but they decide to take their risk and leave only if they are in danger. While the group is sleeping however, a giant ant does attack them, and they save whatever they can and attack from the air. They soon realize that the ant is extremely vulnerable to fire, and decide to kill it instead of running. Soon after the first ant is killed, however, the ant queen appears, and while they attack it, Badger loses her balance and falls off Eppek right next to the ant queen, whose attack renders her unconscious. The group immediately focus their attack to kill the ant queen and rescue Badger, who remains unconscious despite Kaito’s healing attempts.

While unconscious, Badger makes a strange trip to the Spirit World, encountering the very first earthbenders, Oma and Shu. She helps them see their effect to the world, with the unification of their tribes and the founding of Omashu, and they thank her and disappear, saying that she will be a great earthbender one day. Badger then encounters a strange badgermole, taking her to a ride to Chin Village.

Meanwhile, the group travels as fast as they can to Chin Village, and learn that there’s a healer in town. They take Badger to the healer, who appears to be a Southern Water Tribe girl named Nikya, and Badger wakes up in her infirmary. The group finds an inn to stay and sleep.

The next day, the group wakes up to find two men playing Pai-Sho in the inn. Their game ends quickly as they form a lotus form on the game field, and one of them leaves. The other, named Taladriel is challanged to a Paisho game by Drogo, however, and the rest of the group except Kuzo leave the inn to see the town’s Avatar Day preparations.

When they reach the main square, they come across Nikya and Lian’s old friend Osho, who is now an airbending master. Lian and Osho talk about what they have done recently for a while, then Osho challanges Lian to a friendly duel; and after some sparring, Lian throws in the towel. As the duel ends, the group sees that firewood is carried near the giant wooden statue of Avatar Kyoshi, prepared for Avatar Day. Fearing that the statue might be burnt, Nikya and Kaito wet the firewood while Badger creates a distraction. By the time the sun sets, the group returns to the inn, unaware of the secret meeting held in the mayor’s house.


The next day, they wake up to the noise of the angry crowd in the streets, headed to the main square. As they follow, they find two men on a platform, Meng and Cho(the mayor), leading the riot. Cho rallies the crows by saying that the Earth King wants to cancel Avatar Day celebrations, and says that the people’s desire to express their hatred against the Avatar cannot be stopped. The group, now with Taladriel, defend the Avatar and get on the platform. Meanwhile, Earth Kingdom soldiers arrive, and Cho quickly rallies the crows to attack them. The group, joined by Nikya, quickly subdue Meng and Cho, yet the crowd start a full-fledged rebellion, taking down the Earth Kingdom soldiers and trying to get on the platform to attack the Kyoshi supporters. Just as they are surrounded, Osho arrives to rescue the group, taking them(and their captives, Meng and Cho) to his flying bison, and getting them out of the village.

When out of the village, the group see the meeting of two men in black robes, they recognize one of them as Liu, and decide to watch them. Liu kneels before the other man, who puts his two fingers on his two chakras, and then they leave, but not before making a comment that shows that they knew they were watched. The group leaves immediately, and decide to go to Ba Sing Se to warn the Avatar and the Earth King, but not before stopping to search for Wan Shi Tong’s Library.

While they are flying, Lian asks Osho to help him continue his airbending training, which Osho happily agrees.

As The Six Benders arrive at the town of Na Sing Se, they decide to rest and spend some free time, whether be it alone or together.

On the 11th Day of their journey, at the edge of Si Wong Desert, the group gets into a heated argument about where to go, as Badger and Drogo insist on going to Fire Nation to make sure the Fire Lord is safe, while the others insist on going to Ba Sing Se, visiting the Library of Wan Shi Tong while doing so. During the argument, Nikya and Badger have a fight, in which Kaito takes Nikya’s side, calling Badger “juvenile”. In the end, going to Fire Nation is deemed more important, and they change their route as they ask Osho to take Meng and Cho to Ba Sing Se, which Osho agrees.

On the road they are suddenly struck by a tornado, which takes Nikya, Kaito and Drogo to its center. Lian tries to slow the tornado down, but can’t do it fast enough, causing the three to be pushed out of the tornado, with Kaito near unconsciousness. Badger jumps from Eppek to help Kaito, and secures that he will stay on the ground, but not before taunting him about his words earlier. Lian finally manages to turn the tornado into a simple strong wind, allowing the others to check their situation. Nikya tries helping Badger, but Badger remains neutral to her. Nikya assures the others that she can continue her healing while flying, so the group continues its way to Fire Nation, albeit scarred from the day’s encounters.

1 It is said that Xio later sold nothing but cabbages, and started the family tradition of cabbage selling.



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