King Bumi II

King of Omashu


bq). HEHHEHEHEHE!” snorts
-King Bumi II, on anything

King Bumi II is the King of Omashu, an eccentric young man at the beginning of his rule. He has received the aid of The Six Benders and has deemed them trusted.


King Bumi has an appearance as strange as his personality. His right eye is bigger than his left, and his hair is unkempt and wild. He wears nothing that indicates royalty; thus, it is possible for newcomers to Omashu to confuse him with a regular citizen.


King Bumi is, to put it lightly, unusual at best, using his city’s post system as a roller-coaster, offering newcomers to his city guided tours, and being impossible to guess in general. His personality also helps him to look at everything from a different perspective, and he seems to be able to keep completely normal and serious conversations when he wants to.



King Bumi II has succeeded to the throne of Omashu after his father, King Bumi III and has had a relatively peaceful rule so far. He came across The Six Benders when they were in disguise to apprehend Liu Xiang, and offered them to use the palace’s metal prison to keep the earthbender imprisoned. He later asked them to help him control the spread of an unknown crystal inside the tunnels under the palace, and after Badger’s theory that they might be edible, he decided to test the idea by making Liu eat a small part of the crystals. However, Liu was able to earthbend the crystal before Bumi could make him eat it, using it to escape his prison and take down Bumi. Bumi was later found in the prison by the Six Benders, encased in the same crystal he was trying to make Liu eat, exclaiming that the crystal was, in fact, edible.

Later he gave the group a mark, indicating that they were trusted allies of Omashu, and bid them farewell.


As the King of Omashu, Bumi II has an important political influence, and he is also a talented earthbender.


His favorite color is pink, because he can.

King Bumi II

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