Waterbender from Southern Water Tribe


“Everyone dies. It is how one lives that matters.”

Kaito is a waterbender from Southern Water Tribe. He is a fellow of The Six Benders, who he is accompanying since he has met them.


Kaito usually wears classical waterbender clothings. With his light brown skin tone, his black hair and his blue eyes, he is a typical Southern Water Tribe male.


Kaito is a good hearted, timid, and an ambitious person. But he often gets angry in a matter of minutes. He doesn’t talk very much with the others, yet he really wants to help them.



Kaito has grown up in an ordinary bender family, with a sister, called Miwa. Both of them are waterbenders. He spent all his childhood in the city of Rarewinter, whose name is a bit strange for a Southern Water Tribe city. Kaito was a graceful boy, he never misbehaved and was never disobedient to his elders, unlike his sister. He has developed his healing skills at a tender age. At the age of 19, he was tasked with finding the lost waterbenders that left the tribe quite a while ago. During his journey, he caught up in a storm and his wherry crashed. He got lost in the Earth Kingdom, with no map. After a while, he has met the others at an arena, which is in Gaoling, and he joined them.


Kaito is a talented healer. He has developed his healing abilities since he learned waterbending. Also, he has a notable diplomacy ability.


In Japanese, the name “Kaito” is the combinations of characters ocean, sea(Kai) and soar, fly(to).


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