Avatar Kyoshi

The Avatar.


“Only justice will bring peace.”

Avatar Kyoshi is the Avatar directly succeeding Avatar Kuruk. She is the current Avatar and is 43 years old.


Avatar Kyoshi is gigantic, having the biggest feet among any Avatar, and is taller than many people. She’s never seen without her iconic clothes or makeup, and wields her fans for fighting.


Kyoshi is incredibly duty-driven, and is ready to do whatever it takes as the protector of balance. She is fearless, systematic and authoritarian. She also keeps her privacy, which renders information about her personality incredibly limited.



Avatar Kyoshi started learning earthbending at a young age under the tutelage of Master Miyagi, and learned her identity as the Avatar at her 16th birthday. After that, she travelled the world to master fire, air and waterbending, among which air was hardest to master for her due to its opposed nature. Yet, after her mastery over air, she developed a unique fighting style with her fans, making airbending one of her frequently used techniques.

Soon after that, she gained control over the Avatar State, and became a Fully-Realized Avatar. She had a relatively peaceful avatardom, until her 42nd year, when Chin the Conqueror started to expand throught Earth Kingdom, using the dissatisfaction against the 46th Earth King. When Chin tried invading the peninsula where her homeland resided, she seperated it from the mainland, creating Kyoshi Island and killing Chin in the process.

A year later, she was summoned by the Earth King to help quell the rebellion in Ba Sing Se, and it was on her way to Ba Sing Se when she made a stop in Gaoling that she was attacked by a mysterious figure in a black robe, and it was also here that The Six Benders fought on the same side as her. After dealing with the attacker, she saved the citizens in the area, and continued to Ba Sing Se, but only after giving advice to the group.

She is now close to Ba Sing Se, and noone knows what the result of her audience with the Earth King will be, but it is certain that it will be a turning point in history.


As a Fully-Realized Avatar, Avatar Kyoshi is capable of Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending and Waterbending. She also has full control over the Avatar State, and can enter and exit it at will, allowing her to accomplish unimaginable feats, including changing the geography of the world singlehandedly. She is also an accomplished fighter, and is proficient with her warfans.

Avatar Kyoshi

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