Firebender from Fire Nation and Member of the White Lotus.


He came to Earth Kingdom from the Fire Nation to learn some fighting techniques from Kyoshi Warriors. Also he is a member of the White Lotus. Sometimes he becomes an aggressive person. He is a member of The Six Benders.


He wears a red tunic under his robe. He usually walks around with a hooded black robe. Also he has two red sleeves.


He is an Independent and a Realistic person. He always seeks some selfish goal in addition to the promotion of universal disorder, and is thus seen greedy by others. He may betray a family member, a comrade or a friend, but only in the most dire of situations. He does not respect the concepts of self-discipline and honor, because he believes such concepts limit one’s freedom to advance his self-interests.



He came from Fire Nation because he wanted to learn some fighting techniques from Kyoshi Warriors.


He is a defensively strong Firebender. Also he uses a Falchion to attack enemies. He can climb anywhere and bluff people easily.


When he was young, he had an accident while using firebending on a fight. He has a scar from the accident.


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