Healer from Southern Water Tribe


Member of the Southern Water Tribe, Nikya left her home to use her healing powers to help those in need. Her past is not well known, but her capabilities are apparent. She has been travelling with The Six Benders since the revolt in Chin Village, and hopes to help their quest as best as she can.


Nikya’s appearance is a dead giveaway of her nationality: Her light brown skitone, her black hair and her blue eyes are quite common traits among her people. Yet her clothing doesn’t seem to be connected to any nation at all, as her regular clothing consists of a green tunic with dark green leggings. She also carries a waterskin in case she needs some water to bend.


Nikya is a kind and helpful girl, avoiding conflict whenever possible and trying to help the others. Her disapproval of conflict was one of the main reasons she focused on healing. Yet Nikya has a high temper, and isn’t afraid of telling what annoys her when she’s annoyed, to the point of starting an argument.



Nikya is a young waterbender who was born and spent her childhood in a trading port close to Southern Air Temple. She has recently left her city after she finished her healing training. She started travelling the world to help the others with her abilities, recently travelling in Earth Kingdom to help undo the effects of conquests of Chin the Conqueror. She was running an infirmary in Chin Village when she encountered The Six Benders, who brought Badger to her infirmary, hoping that she can heal Badger’s serious wounds, which she did. During the rebellion she fought alongside the group, eventually escaping from the village with them on Iago. She continues her travels with them, and has become their friends, especially becoming a close friend of Kaito.


Nikya is a renowned Healer and a talented waterbender, able to defend herself and her allies during a fight. It is known that she has studied airbending, using her knowledge to improve her waterbending. She is unexpectedly tough, and agile.


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