Osho is an air nomad hailing from Southern Air Temple. He’s Lian’s peer, but he continued his airbending training in the air temple, unlike Lian, who left it before his training was finished to see the world. Lian and Osho have recently met again, and Osho has been helping Lian continue his Airbending training.


Osho sticks to the classical air nomad clothings, he’s hard to distinguish from another airbending master with his monk’s clothing and airbender tattoos, except for his Hulihee style beard. He keeps his head shaved, and carries a masterwork Airbender’s Staff.


Osho has been noted for his ambition even at the beginning of his airbending training, and he can go over the limits from time to time to show his superiority. Despite his ambition, he is a helpful man, willing to change his course for his friends.


Osho has become an Airbending Master at the age of 18, and decided to leave Southern Air Temple to see the real-world applications of his knowledge. In Chin Village, one of his first locations to visit, he came accross Lian, with whom he made a friendly duel on town hall. The duel made Lian reconsider his choice of leaving airbending training, and he asked Osho’s assistance to continue his training. During the Rebellion in the village, Osho helped Lian and his friends escape from the wrath of the villagers by taking them to Iago, his flying bison. He then travelled with them all the way to the edge of Si Wong Forest(training Lian while doing so), where he accepted their request to transport the leaders of the rebellion who were taken captive to Ba Sing Se.


Osho is a very capable airbender, and carries his airbender’s tattoos as a proof. He’s capable of jumping incredible heights and creating powerful winds, and has a vast wisdom and knowledge on many matters.


Osho is named after the Indian mystic of the same name.


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