Earth Rumble

Earth Rumble is an earthbending tournament, taking place in an underground arena in Gaoling. The tournament has had two incarnations so far, with both of its champions being members of The Six Benders.


Earth Rumble is a wrestling tournament that has started in the 42nd Year of Avatar Kyoshi. Its first champion was Drogo, who earned fame from this victory, teaching other people earthbending and making a small fortune.

Earth Rumble II was organised in 43rd Year of Avatar Kyoshi, and its final was between Ling, Drogo’s best student and Badger, a mysterious earthbender who had beat his every opponent until the final. The final match, coincidentally, was at a time when Avatar Kyoshi was also in Gaoling, so she decided to watch the game herself. The match was a certain victory for Badger. But just as she won, a mysterious man in a black robe challanged Avatar Kyoshi and release groundwater and lionvultures to the arena, endangering the security of the spectators. Although the man and the problems were taken care of, the attack ruined the reputation of the show, causing it to be cancelled for a long, long time.


The only rule is to use earthbending to throw your opponent off the ring.

Earth Rumble

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